Creative Solutions for Growth Business

I understand that growing a business can be challenging. That’s why I’m offering a range of creative solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Let me help you take your business to the next level.


I’m Sari.

From rebranding to website design, I use a customer experience approach to help businesses grow.

With over 10 years of experience in design, branding, and customer experience, I’ve worked in various roles, including Designer, Brand Specialist, Operations Manager, and Product Manager. My passion lies in understanding consumer behavior and using design and branding strategies to create positive customer experiences.

Our happy customers say’s

Some recomendations about our work.

is everything that a leader wants for his team. Besides her extreme resilience and creativity to address problems in an unusual way, she has the passion and the vision to lead teams that are young and new beginners. As her leader in Superfüds, I’ve seen her scale an operation from $10k in MRR to $500k in a blink of an eye. I can definitely recommend Sarai for any position she pursues, she is a brilliant and a charming business women.

Sebastian Hernandez

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Superfuds


Fernando Martire

Brand Growth Marketer & CPG Strategist, Sx Project

is a professional with a high critical sense who provides effective and solid solutions to the company, she has a great capacity to provide quick and creative solutions in each of the processes and phases that involve the development of a strategy. She is a professional who stands out for her high commitment that she is not limited to doing only what corresponds to her, but she always goes further in the search to improve not only her work but also provide support to her colleagues of her team.

Maria Alejandra Arbelaez

Brand Manager C&C & Local Brands, Pepsico

is an excellent professional focused on achieving agreed objectives, the results achieved in the management of the Kalykai brand and the level of engagement were more than exceeded, achieving a perfect combination of image and content. In addition to this, we participated in multiple startup projects where her advice was essential for their growth and consolidation. She is creative, innovative and with a personal touch that reflects her experience and her love for what she does.

Nelmer Moreno

CEO and Founder, Kalykai